- An IRC network for enby furs and friends~~~~~

Connection Information

Main round-robin:


We highly recommend only using the main RR.


6667, 6697 for SSL

All servers have dual stack connectivity, and this RR has AAAA records.

Individual server information:


At EntropyNet we use Atheme as our services package. We also fully support auth via SASL and CertFP.


General network-wide rules:


Channel Moderation:

About Us


We are a small network started on April 28, 2011 by staticsafe, rachel and cafejunkie. We started with UnrealIRCd and Anope with only two servers (rachel's server running on her home connection!)


The small group of people that connected to EntropyNet when it first connected used to hang out in a small channel called #asininetech on Freenode.

We moved away because we disagreed with some of Freenode's policies (namely their namespace policy) and a bit of "What the hell? Lets do our own thing anyways because we can".

Contact Us!

If for any reason you need to contact the operators directly, you can use this webchat link.

If you cannot get on IRC (because you are g-lined/a-killed/blocked by a DNSBL), e-mail banned [at] entropynet.net with your questions.

Problems with the website?

If there are any problems with the website (404s etc.), please e-mail webmaster [at] asininetech.com with the relevant error message.